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A sturdy new sunlight-readable moveable LED screen in a housing customised to your brand,
perfect for outdoor communications.


LCD screens don't cut it outdoors. In full sunlight they aren't bright enough and easily overheat. LED screens can compete with the sun in the day and dim down at night


Create a loop of content and schedule each item to only show when it's relevant


Customise The Totem with your logo, printed or cut out and backlit. We paint the frame to match your brand colour

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Use cases: The Totem is ideal for...

There are all sorts of ways to use The Totem as a platform for your messaging – these are just a few.

  • Live updates for outdoor events outdoor festivals and multi-site entertainment spaces can schedule content to change to match the on-stage schedule

  • Lost people and urgent updates are easy to make ready and put on screen in an instant

  • Upsell at your venue by advertising high-margin products at cafés, bars, shops and concessions around your site

  • Improve future sales by tempting customers to your next event as they leave

  • Make customers aware of your other services such as venue hire for weddings and corporate events

  • Need to close an area in a hurry? No problem. Redirect traffic at a closed zone or exhibit instantly by directing them to other attractions on site, and cycle through multiple slides to spread the audience and avoid overcrowding

  • We can customise content to include GPS data for a You Are Here feature on the map, regardless of where you dropped the totem

The story: bringing The Totem to life

ashleigh logo

Lord's Cricket Ground asked us to find a way to use outdoor digital signs that wouldn't require planning permission, and wouldn't damage their historic buildings.

Our response was to design The Totem, a brandable self-contained LED sign with wireless connectivity and moveable in minutes with a fork lift.

A month later we'd brought The Totem to life in powder coated steel, aluminium, back-lit acrylic and vinyl with our manufacturing partner, Ashleigh Signs.

Our software teams created its automated brightness control, hardened its firewall, and integrated our PixelPipe Signage and DisplaySure management software.

We think it’s a game-changer for outdoor venues – and we think you will, too.

Features and benefits

Fantastic quality, durable screens for long-term outdoor use

We’ve been working with our LED manufacturing partners for many years. The Totem is completely legible, even in extreme sunlight, providing high quality graphics and messaging to your audience. And it’s IP65 rated, giving you guaranteed operation even in rainfall and dusty environments.

Always on-brand

The Totem is finished to a superb standard according to your brand guidelines. We powder-coat it in house to match your RAL colour specification. Single-sided screens can be supplied with a backlit logo on the back, or with fixings for changeable printed branding. Or you can vinyl wrap it yourself – the choice is yours.


The Totem is designed for the outdoors, but it’s also designed with humans in mind. It’s totally legible for viewing distances of 4+ metres, and it’s designed with no horizontal surfaces – to avoid any undesirable interactions with perched pints or binned burgers.

Ready for content, ready to connect

Our experience in digital signage software comes into its own with The Totem. If you’re already running a content management system that can render in a window, we can ship with an unconfigured Brightsign media player for your AV team to set up as they prefer. Or we can provide our own, easy-to-use PixelPipe Signage software, complete with training. Plus The Totem features wifi connectivity with failover to 4G, and 32GB of internal storage, so you’re covered even if there’s a network outage.

Variations: a Totem to suit your needs

The Totem can be provided with screens on one or both sides, depending on your use case. There are two resolution options to make it adaptable for different viewing distances, and it can be adapted in various ways to match your brand.

Easily moved, no fuss

Sometimes a permanent screen isn’t the answer. The Totem is specifically designed for outdoor venues to be moveable by a single operator with a forklift. It also features an in-built spirit level and adjustable feet, making it fully equipped for rough ground and slopes up to 7 degrees. All you need is a 16A power supply. Everything else is built in.

…and maintenance ready

We all know that things go wrong from time to time. That’s why it comes with our maintenance software, DisplaySure, as standard, which diagnoses screen issues and alerts our team or yours for a rapid response. And it’s designed for easy access by an engineer, should the worst happen. A screen tile can be swapped out in under a minute.

Technical specifications

  • Materials: Aluminium, steel, powder coated. Precision parts in stainless steel

  • Power: Single sided Max 1.5kW, double sided 3kW (full white image at 100% brightness)

  • Current: Typical 6A (day) 0.5A (night) per side

  • Included cable 20m length with 16A commando plug

  • Fork slots on 380mm centres, accessible from both sides

  • Skirt lifts with retainers for access to fork slots and electronics cabinet

  • High speed MIMO 2x2 2.4GHz Wifi and 2x2 3G/4G antenna puck

  • Inbuilt light sensor and auto brightness control

  • 1x3m ~250kg single sided, ~350kg double sided

  • 100mm adjustment on each corner foot using allen key or hex adapter for electric screwdriver

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