A Digital Signage First.

The world's first Raspberry Pi-based digital signage engine.
Introducing Aperture: High performance without the price.

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Say hello to Aperture.

The power of a PC for the cost, energy usage and carbon footprint of an Android device.

Normal digital signage players run on a PC behind every screen. This expensive, energy intensive and old-fashioned practice means that digital signage is a costly solution for any company looking to modernise their advertising. Aperture runs on mobile phone chips rather than PCs, which don't get hot, use less power than an electric toothbrush, and provide the same visual quality as the PC they replace.

responsive devices
Beautiful Display

Aperture isn't a player or a CMS. It sits between vendor software and device hardware, drawing rich content and rendering it at full 60fps broadcast-ready HDMI.

Smart Signage

Aperture becomes part of your device's operating system. It drives the graphics processor to obtain outstanding graphics, motion images and animation. It knows about content layers, zones, loops and can create the beautiful effects that digital signage demands today.

Customisable Templates

Aperture is powered by a simple to use template UI. Take advantage of custom-built signage templates, or upload your own images and videos to bring your product to life.

Aperture changes everything.

Let's talk about how we can make your signage software run on a Raspberry Pi.

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Consultancy: Glueing it all together.

Whether you need support simplifying your content production process, testing your systems, writing software requirements or interviewing vendors to find the best fit for your needs, we have the skills and the experience to deliver.

We build complex integrated systems by taking best of breed hardware and software from a variety of suppliers and moulding it into one seamless platform.

  • Any Size, Any Stage

    Wherever you are in your technology journey we are there to help and to inspire. Our team has successfully designed and delivered complex, evolving systems to clients of all sizes.

  • Development

    We develop bespoke software solutions around off-the-shelf products to integrate digital media, Internet of Things and control solutions with our customers' data sources and their other systems.

  • Agile

    We understand that goalposts will change during any long project. Silver Curve works closely with you to ensure we develop an agile process to meet your evolving needs.

  • Creativity & Originality

    We leverage data you didn't know you had to gain insight into customer behavior and trigger actions from your systems. When we bring physical interactivity, content design, technology and mobile together the results are indistinguishable from magic.

  • A team you can trust

    With over 15 years of experience in the Digital Signage field, we have worked with some of the UK's most prestigious companies to successfully realise their digital media ambitions.

  • Standards Compliant code

    We place a strong emphasis on building bespoke, beautiful solutions based on clean coding practices and Open Source contributions.

Meet the Core Team

Bryan Crotaz


Bryan Crotaz previously invented and brought to market the Inspired Signage digital signage solution, the system behind AV installations at major sites including Lord's Cricket Ground, St Pancras International Station and Heathrow Terminal 5, which was sold to AMX in 2007. Prior to that he designed and built TV studios and control rooms.

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We're passionate about discovering new tech, tackling varied projects and taking on challenges. Silver Curve is built on the skills, expertise and hard work of a small but dedicated team. It's a dynamic, relaxed environment here in Central London and we love every minute of it.
Perks of working with Silver Curve include flexible hours, uncapped profit-related bonuses and on the job mentoring.

If you're a 9-5er who likes to be told exactly what to do every day, you're not for us. We're looking for self-motivated people to join our growing team. If you think there's always a better way, you're creative, you like to learn and you've got some talent, we want to hear from you. We're currently looking to employ:


Permanent role, flexible hours. A great position for a hobbyist programmer or graduate looking for their first or second commercial role. Learn on the job with mentoring as part of a great development team. Languages you'll use include but aren't limited to C#, Javascript, JQuery, WPF, HTML, Ember and QML.

Experience: Hobbyist programmer + 0-2 years commercial experience

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Permanent role, flexible hours. Full stack development in languages including but not limited to C#, Javascript, JQuery, WPF, HTML, Ember and QML. Ideal candidate will be a strong coder with a voracious appetite for solving interesting problems. Position includes potential for promotion as the Company grows.

Experience: 2+ years relevant commercial experience

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