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We are Silver Curve.

There are many digital signage consultancies out there. We are different.

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Any Size, Any Stage

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We Take Pride in our People


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Enough about us. Let's talk about you.

You’re an integrator, vendor, or end user looking to create a pro-AV or signage project.


You want to create something visual and out of the ordinary and you’ve been told it’s too difficult.


You need to review and update your existing visual communications systems, whether they’re back-office, industrial or OOH.


You’re looking to save money on a concept you already have in place, or to make a new project cost-efficient without compromising quality.


If any of these are you, you’re in the right place.

We listen to what you think you need, then we work with you to find what you really need.

We identify the key ROI points in your project to turn it from a cost into an investment.

We look at how you’re going to manage the lifetime of the project, and its systems, holistically.

We know how to create it; how to communicate it; how to manage it; how to maintain it.



And, fundamentally, we know how to make your installation pay.

Are You Ready to Start Your Technology Journey?

We make the complex simple: from digital screens to retail and way finding.

When there’s a gap in the market we develop products that fit. 

We help end users choose vendors, and help vendors work out what customers want.


And with 25 years of deep technical knowledge, we’re well placed to work it out with you.

Our expertise in signage and visual communication.
Your project in safe hands.

We have worked with all the major vendors, and we’re used to identifying the right tech for the purpose. When it’s not out there we develop it ourselves.

Silver Curve can provide support at any stage of your project, from concept to integration.

We have delivered cost savings, and discovered revenue streams, across the lifetime of every installation we’ve worked on.

If you’re an integrator we can augment your team with highly experienced personnel.

We’ve automated our customers’ data to keep client interaction and engagement high and increasing sales uptake. 

If you’re an end user we can assemble an integration team for you off the bat.

We have foreseen integration and maintenance issues at the start of projects to automate that, too.

And if you’re looking to put a special project together, you’ve come to exactly the right place.

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