Tiny device, huge capabilities.
Digital signage is usually powered by large, high-cost PCs.
Aperture by Silver Curve is the first engine that allows software vendors to use the tiny, low-cost Raspberry Pi board.
Meet Aperture

For Retailers

  • High quality visual content
  • Tiny form factor, no moving parts
  • Energy needs of an electric toothbrush
  • Optional multitouch experience

For Manufacturers

  • Offer a cost-effective solution
  • One player can operate a wide range of different software
  • Maintain cash margins

For Software Vendors

  • Full power at an Android price
  • Same user experience
  • Allow a seamless mix of legacy PC and Aperture players

About Silver Curve

Silver Curve has provided consultancy services and integration expertise in the digital media industry for over fifteen years. Our team has worked with some of the UK's most prestigious companies to successfully realise their digital media ambitions.

Based in West London, Silver Curve is a fun company to work with. We pride ourselves in being inventive, dedicated and above all focused on the end result: Digital Signage that delivers to both the customer and the audience.